What is MateFit teatox?

At the end of the day the MateFit TeaTox is a modern antioxidant powerhouse with an infused herbal tea blend that delivers tons of nutritious phytochemicals and health generating components throughout your body. All the great things about a mentalism boosting herbal supplement without any hype or unnatural ingredients.

How do you drink it?

There’s no mystery to unfold or secrets to unlock here. Simply steep the specialized tea in relatively warm to hot water for between 7-14 minutes. That’s plenty of time for all the wonderful free radical fighting and toxin destroying cleansers to be released.

How many servings come on a single teatox?

We sell two different amounts, one that provides enough for a 14 day detox cycle, and another for an extended 28 day cleansing cycle.

How long does it take to work and how long does it last?

While we’re all unique, for most folks the magic starts happening within 5-7 days in terms of increased mental focus, energy, digestion and overall wellbeing. Now, if you continue to eat healthy and stay away from impurities, it will last longer.

How many times do I drink in one day?

Is it safe for everyone to drink? What about those under the age of 15?

To be safe, we recommend that no one under the age of 15 drink the tea. Their bodies are still developing and going through too many changes that adults don’t deal with.

How does MateFit compare to energy drinks?

Imagine this: you get a delicious and heartwarming tea that provides a fresh new zest of natural energy, but no crash comes afterwards! Nothing but natural and nutrient rich

What does it taste like?

Right, so the Metabolic Boost is like a warm sweet lemony taste with a savory aftertaste you can’t help but love. Our detox tastes like a smooth combination between fresh mint and cinnamon wrapped in a warm blanket.

How much does shipping cost in the United States?

The good news is that shipping is 100% absolutely FREE for the US. Canada costs $5, and for other countries the price nudges up to an even $10.

Do you ship internationally?

* You are responsible for your local customs fee.

Here is the current list of countries we ship to:

All European countries





Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, and Lebanon (@matefit_KSA or @matefit_tea)

Mexico (matefitmexico.com)

New Zealand

United States

Singapore (Email: matefit.id@gmail.com)

Malaysia (Email: matefit.id@gmail.com)

Indonesia (Email: matefit.id@gmail.com)


How long does shipping take?

We use USPS so any orders above $40 will likely take 2-3 days and orders below $40 will take 4-5 days. In terms of international orders, it may take up to 10-14 days.


What is your refund/return policy?

We have a 30 day return policy. To qualify: