When you want something you go and get it. I can't wait to have abs@matefitme life saver
okay so it's early but I'm super crazy happy about the progress I am making. The after pic is on the left. This is 5 days into my 14 day teatox and I love how I am feeling. I feel like I am loosing the bloat feeling that before I was super self-conscious about. I noticed in my face and arms as well that the kind of chubby parts are getting leaner. I love the energy though. I have found when I do my 12 hr work days I can easily make it through them more so then before and it's only been 5 days! I can't wait to see what I will feel like at the end!!! Even though body image is crazy important to people, me included. I am starting to get to a point where feeling better is way more important. I also have noticed before I loved my soda, like 2-4 glasses of diet coke a day, but after starting I tried to drink one glass and it was just too much and not there! Best feeling in the world!
Here's my progress pictures I've drank about 8 teas, and was very flip floppy with the diet but started eating with smaller portions and less frequently. The tea tastes amazing and this tea made me bikini body ready. Thanks guys(: I'll be spreading the word. And your more than welcome to post this on Instagram as well.
Heres my update. Currently down 13.5 pounds this is just with clean eating and my #matefitme tea. Just started working out a few days ago so hopefully now it will melt of faster.

My name is Ashley. Top pictures are from 7/25 and bottom pictures are from 8/1. This is with no exercise. I really enjoy seeing the results after a week of drinking this tea! I am unable to exercise at the moment but i know when i am able to exercise, my results will be amazing!  I am a very happy customer!