What is MateFit Teatox

MateFit TeaTox is a modern antioxidant powerhouse with an infused herbal tea blend that delivers tons of nutritious phytochemicals and health generating components throughout your body. All the great things about a mentalism boosting herbal supplement without any hype or unnatural ingredients.

What is a Teatox? 

Tea + Detox = Teatox. Actually, it’s a diet plan that consolidates teas in order to lose weight, boost energy, and cleanse the body

What is a Tea Detox or Teatox?

Our Teatox is a 2 step process and it comes in two delicious teas.
1) One to boost metabolism,
2) While the other detoxes.
3) All the ingredients are 100% Natural.


Teatox, how many steps process? 

So, MateFit Teatox is 2 step: process,
MateFit is the largest and leading supplier of Teatox Worldwide. The Teatox is the combination of 18 ingredients and 100% natural to get Leaner and Energetic Lifestyle, boosts metabolism and energy levels, detoxify the body!

What is the Teatox step 1 process? 

Step: 1, Day Time BOOST, drink morning and noon
The MateFit Metabolic Boost Natural Tea Blend.
Boost your metabolism naturally, that helps with weight loss. Feel yourself get re-energized and stay alert throughout the day. A complete Metabolic Boost experience that perks you up and uplifts your spirits.

MateFit Metabolic Boost Tea is a strong blend of Organic Yerba Mate, Sechung Oolong Tea, and Pinhead Gunpowder Tea. To help this antioxidant-rich blend we added Angelica Root Powder, which promotes your body's blood flow. This potent blend will give you a much-needed morning boost, and keep you alert throughout the day.

What involves in the Teatox step 2 process? 

Step: 2, Night DETOX, drink bedtime every other night
The MateFit Detox Natural Tea Blend.
Helps to deeply cleanse your body of toxins and bacteria. Promotes a sense of well-being and a healthier you. A complete Detox experience leaving you feeling refreshed.

MateFit Day DetoxTea has Organic Dandelion Root and Senna Leaf Powder, when combined they have the nutrients that can destroy unhealthy bacteria. If this scares you, then don't worry, because we also added Peppermint Loose Leaf Tea and Rosemary Leaf to relax your body and help you stay fit. This product does not contain any caffeine, so when the battle rages in your stomach you will be sound asleep.

How do you drink it?

There’s no mystery to unfold or secrets to unlock here. Simply steep the specialized tea in relatively warm to hot water for between 7-14 minutes. That’s plenty of time for all the wonderful free radical fighting and toxin destroying cleansers to be released.

How many servings come on a single Teatox?

We sell two different amounts, one that provides enough for a 14-day detox cycle, and another for an extended 28-day cleansing cycle.

14 Day Teatox comes with: Total Servings = 35 Tea Cups ( compare with other brands )

28 Day Teatox comes with: Total Servings = 70 Tea Cups ( compare with other brands )


How many Tea Bags comes with 14 Day Teatox?

14 Day Teatox comes with: Total Servings = 35 Tea Cups ( compare with some other brands comes only 21 tea bags )

  1. Daytime Metabolic Boost Tea 70 Grams (2 cups per day) ~ 28 Tea Cups 
  2. Nighttime Detox Tea 35 Grams (1 cup every other day) ~ 7 to 8 Tea Cups
  3. 40 Loose Leaf Tea Filters


    How many Tea Bags comes with 28 Day Teatox?

    28 Day Teatox comes with: Total Servings = 70 Tea Cups ( compare with some other brands comes only 42 tea bags or some only 28 Tea bags. Compared to SinnyMint, FitTea, Skinny Teatox, Teatox Shop, BooTea, Triple Teatox, SkinnyMeTea, YourTea, TeaMiBlend and many more )

    1. Daytime Metabolic Boost Tea 140 Grams (2 cups per day) ~ 56 Tea Cups 
    2. Nighttime Detox Tea 70 Grams (1 cup every other day) ~ 14 to 15 Tea Cups
    3. 80 Loose Leaf Tea Filters


    How is MateFit Teatox different than skinnyme tea, tiny teatox, tiny tea, skinny teatox, queen b, and bootea? 

    We’re from the United States of America, whereas the other companies are run out of Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Our product is the same in quality and results. And moreover, we are  THE #1 TEATOX in the World ⭐32,000 Reviews⭐ Overall, No one else in the Teatox industry. MateFit is the largest and leading supplier of Teatox Worldwide. You can trust and try out the #1 jump start 14 day teatox Program


    How long does it take to work and how long does it last?

    While we’re all unique, for most folks the magic starts happening within 5-7 days in terms of increased mental focus, energy, digestion and overall wellbeing. Now, if you continue to eat healthily and stay away from impurities, it will last longer.

    How many times do I drink in one day?

    • Metabolic Boost: 2 times every day. As a general rule of thumb 15 minutes before breakfast and lunch work great.
    • Detox: All you do with the detox is partake every other night directly after your “dinner meal.

    Is it safe for everyone to drink? What about those under the age of 15?

    To be safe, we recommend that no one under the age of 15 drink the tea. Their bodies are still developing and going through too many changes that adults don’t deal with.

    How does MateFit compare to energy drinks?

    Imagine this: you get a delicious and heartwarming tea that provides a fresh new zest of natural energy, but no crash comes afterward! Nothing but natural and nutrient rich

    What does it taste like?

    Right, so the Metabolic Boost is like a warm sweet lemony taste with a savory aftertaste you can’t help but love. Our detox tastes like a smooth combination between fresh mint and cinnamon wrapped in a warm blanket.

    Best Teatox to lose weight!

    THE #1 TEATOX in the World ⭐32,000 Reviews⭐ Overall, No one else in the Teatox industry. MateFit is the largest and leading supplier of Teatox Worldwide. You can trust and try out the Number 1 jump start 14-day teatox Program

    What is the best detox tea?

    11 Detox Teas For Weight Loss
    MateFit Teatox. ...
    Total Tea Gentle Detox. ...
    Yogi DeTox Healthy Cleansing Formula. ...
    BaeTea 28 Day Teatox – Gentle Detox Tea. ...
    Green Root Tea – Detox Tea. ...
    Hint Wellness – 14 Day Detox Tea. ...
    Twinings Herbal Tea. ...
    Traditional Medicinals Organic EveryDay Detox Tea. ...
    HEY GIRL Cleanse Herbal Teatox.

    Does MateFit Teatox work?

    See the Reviews, The #1 TEATOX in the World ⭐32,000 Reviews⭐ Overall, No one else in the Teatox industry. MateFit is the largest and leading supplier of Teatox Worldwide. You can trust and try out the #1 jump start 14 day teatox Program

    Does Teatox help you lose weight?

    See the Results  Loyal Customers with Real Results*. These results* are 100% authentic loyal customers reviews. *Results may vary from person to person

    For few people when they take 3 pills of Smart Burn they feel it made super sleepy and get a headache?

    In this case, instead of taking 3 pills, take  1 pill of Smart Burn 5 to 7 days 2 times per day then take 2 pills and see how you feel.
    Again this is due to the difference in Increase of Fat Metabolism in person to person.


    How much does shipping cost in the United States?

    Free shipping on all US orders. Canada costs $5, and for other countries, the price nudges up to an even $10.

    Do you ship internationally?

    * You are responsible for your local customs fee.

    Here is the current list of countries we ship to:

    All European countries





    Hong Kong


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    Mexico (matefitmexico.com)

    New Zealand

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    Singapore (Email: matefit.id@gmail.com)

    Malaysia (Email: matefit.id@gmail.com)

    Indonesia (Email: matefit.id@gmail.com)


    How long does shipping take?

    3 to 5 days shipping for US residents. In terms of international orders, it may take up to 10-14 days. All orders are shipped via USPS


    MateFit tea while breastfeeding?

    No, not safe to consume while breastfeeding! MateFit Tea While Breastfeeding.
    However the discussion thread.


    Customer Service?

    If you are looking for information on the status of your order, please Order Lookup / Order Status before contacting us for immediate answers. 

    • After you placed an order it might take 3-4 days to ship your order. 
    • We use USPS as our main carrier.
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    What is your refund/return policy?

    We have a 30-day return policy. To qualify:

    • You must email OrderInfo @ MateFit.me that you would like a refund within 30 days of shipment.
    • Only 1 tea pouch should be opened, we cannot give a refund if 2 or more of the same kind tea pouches are opened.
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    • You must ship the products back to us  
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