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28 day teatox comes : total servings up to 72 Tea cups, compare with others 35 tea cups
  • 1) Daytime Tea: Metabolic Boost comes in 2 pouches total 140 grams, so you can make up to 56 servings (Tea Spoon / 2.5 grams/cup) Cups of daytime tea or Metabolic Boost Tea.
  • 2) Nighttime Tea: Detox tea also comes in 2 pouches as well and the total 70 grams and you can make up to 14 to 16 servings (Table Spoon / 5 to 4 grams/cup) Cups of night time tea or Detox Tea.
  • 3) Top of the above products you are also get 2 boxes of total 80 count, Loose leaf tea filters to use/make tea by yourself and you can adjust as per your need/taste to make the tea little bit lighter or stronger.

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What people are saying about MateFit

This is my first time trying a teatox and I have to say that I am glad I did. This week was my 1st week and I can tell a big difference! My abs are showing through and the water weight and bloating days are over! I will continue this teatox and review at the end!
thanks MateFit!


When I first bought this Tea I thought that It wasn’t going to work, that I was just losing money but no it REALL DOES WORK!! If you drink it how they tell you too and of course working out too. The first time I bought it I was drinking it but not working out and I got really good result. Adding running and other workouts it was even better. This tea really works.


Great the smell and taste best and works effectively as stated I would recommend to all who have not tried it before..makes you feel so energetic and light on your feet.. its help improve my workout rate and sleep...fantastic tea


I love MateFit Tea. I am an older woman, and although I workout to keep my metabolism up, I love the help that the Metabolic Boost Tea give me. I drink it everyday, usually in the later afternoon when I need that Boost to get me through the rest of my day at work. It tastes great, and I don’t add any additional sweeteners. This is one tea that I make sure I never run out of.


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