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  • Antioxidant Body Scrub

    Antioxidant Body Scrub

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    • Organic Coffee Powder--This will help exfoliate any dead skin, reduce cellulite, relaxes your skin and remove acne scars.

    • Organic Cinnamon--This will help treat acne scars, exfoliate any dead skin and improves the health of your skin by increasing blood circulation.

    • Himalayan Salt--This will help cleanse and detoxify your skin. The results of this will be a much healthier and smoother skin!

    • Organic Coconut Oil--This will help soften and smoothes your skin. It will also heals your skin, by providing it with fatty-acids.

    • Pure Lavender Oil--This will help moisturize, tone and help reduce stretch marks. 



    • Get into shower

    • Dampen your skin lightly with hot water

    • Take two small handful of the Antioxidant Scrub and cover your body (do not use it on your face!!)

    • Massage your body for 5-10 minutes (you will feel tingling sensation)

    • Rinse off the scrub and wash your body.


    • It comes in a waterproof organic Kraft standing pouch. 

    • If you want you can transfer the product into a more preferable container. 

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    *Results may vary from person to person


    Antioxidant Body Scrub has a rating of 4.7 stars based on 493 reviews.